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Kaboom Comics

The funnest store in South Texas!

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Magic The Gathering Oath of the Gatewatch Saturday Pre-Release at Kaboom

Zendikar is in trouble. In addition to the voracious Eldrazi titan Ulamog, the mighty Eldrazi titan and reality-bender Kozilek has emerged and is wreaking [...]

Welcome to the NEW Kaboom Online!

Welcome to the NEW Kaboom Comics online! For those who haven't visited our shop, this new site gives you and idea what to expect [...]



RamseyOwner / Manager
As a child, Ramsey was bit by a radio active possum, Electrocuted while plugging in a fan and sprayed with hazardous chemicals by his evil sister resulting in absolutley no super powers whatsoever. Now Ramsey spends his days growing Kaboom Comics, running his graphic design studio & planning conventions in South Texas.
CovenAssistant Manager
Much like Wolverine, Coven doesn’t remember his life before he escaped from the weapon X program.
RoyAssistant Manager
Roy’s past is shrouded in mystery. All we know is that he is lives and breathes Funko Pops & Computers, 3D printing & cars and thats enough for us!


12483676_10205794822015148_2005582164_n“Best place ever, best customer service I have ever experienced, and such a great atmosphere!!! I love it!”
– Germain Silva

“Shopping at Kaboom is a most excellent experience for the experienced comic aficionado. I mostly go to bu12087178_1218061408219296_562778821587987131_omagic cards and play at the weekly Friday Night Magic tournaments, but I usually end up picking up my girlfriend’s comics and some neat collectible figures. You’ll find everything you need here at Kaboom, from great merch to brilliant people you are guaranteed a most triumphant time at McAllen one and only Kaboom comics!”
– Jaime Arzola

12313937_1193903753970809_4765721694507251134_n“The business owner & employees are always so helpful. My 6 yr old grandson loves shopping there & the staff is always so helpful & patient with him. They’re always ready to assist & answer any questions.”
– Elizabeth Sawyer

12047070_10153713911452590_650700170307945663_n“Great staff! Awesome comic book shop!!!! They even let me take my engagement pictures there! Kaboom always saves the day!!!”
– Omar Toy

“ Destiny waits for no man. Not even one who shall bring the universe to its knees. ”