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Kaboom Comics

The funnest store in South Texas!

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Magic The Gathering Oath of the Gatewatch Saturday Pre-Release at Kaboom

Zendikar is in trouble. In addition to the voracious Eldrazi titan Ulamog, the mighty Eldrazi titan and reality-bender Kozilek has emerged and is wreaking [...]

Welcome to the NEW Kaboom Online!

Welcome to the NEW Kaboom Comics online! For those who haven't visited our shop, this new site gives you and idea what to expect [...]



RamseyOwner / Manager
As a child, Ramsey was bit by a radio active possum, Electrocuted while plugging in a fan and sprayed with hazardous chemicals by his evil sister resulting in absolutley no super powers whatsoever. Now Ramsey spends his days growing Kaboom Comics, running his graphic design studio & planning conventions in South Texas.
CovenAssistant Manager
Much like Wolverine, Coven doesn’t remember his life before he escaped from the weapon X program.
JesseCustomer Service Rep
After escaping from an alternate zombie apocalypse timeline, Jesse has adjusted well to this world without zombies and is now working at Kaboom. He still wears the same zombie blood soaked shirt to remind him that the world can turn at any time!


12483676_10205794822015148_2005582164_n“Best place ever, best customer service I have ever experienced, and such a great atmosphere!!! I love it!”
– Germain Silva

“Shopping at Kaboom is a most excellent experience for the experienced comic aficionado. I mostly go to bu12087178_1218061408219296_562778821587987131_omagic cards and play at the weekly Friday Night Magic tournaments, but I usually end up picking up my girlfriend’s comics and some neat collectible figures. You’ll find everything you need here at Kaboom, from great merch to brilliant people you are guaranteed a most triumphant time at McAllen one and only Kaboom comics!”
– Jaime Arzola

12313937_1193903753970809_4765721694507251134_n“The business owner & employees are always so helpful. My 6 yr old grandson loves shopping there & the staff is always so helpful & patient with him. They’re always ready to assist & answer any questions.”
– Elizabeth Sawyer

12047070_10153713911452590_650700170307945663_n“Great staff! Awesome comic book shop!!!! They even let me take my engagement pictures there! Kaboom always saves the day!!!”
– Omar Toy

“ Destiny waits for no man. Not even one who shall bring the universe to its knees. ”